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Links to jobs and vacancies in UK government and public sector organisations

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Welcome to GovernmentJobsDirect

Direct links to the careers, jobs & vacancies pages on the websites of 291 UK government, civil service, 'quango' and other publicly-funded organisations.

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How we're different

Job search sites often don't carry all vacancies, so it's worth visiting each organisation's website to see what jobs they're currently advertising. But doing this takes time, even if you know where they are.

We aren't affiliated to any government organisation, recruiter or media owner - we originally put this together to save ourselves some time. n.b. We are not responsible for the content or jobs advertised on other sites we link to - and we do not recruit for any positions ourselves.

Find relevant jobs in your sector or region

You can customise the list to show only those organisations you might consider working for. Just remove the tick from the box next to the names of the organisations you want to remove, and click 'Update selection'.

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Though we aim to keep this list up to date, some links may become broken, and some of the organisations' websites may occasionally be unavailable. Please help us by reporting broken links or letting us know about new organisations or vacancy pages.

We last updated the list of links on 26 January 2015 (but the sites we link to may have updated their listings since then).

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If you want to find out more about working in an organisation or want to share your experiences of job-hunting in the public sector, try our forum. And for news of government jobs, help with job-hunting or to find out about changes to this site, join our email list.